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What is
Ai Agency

Ai Agency is the Artificial Intelligence Agency that builds bridges between smart machines and people. To work better, smarter and faster.
Ai Agency was specifically created for global marketing and communications, to work in concert with the Ai Technology platforms created by Significant Systems. In short, we simplify the science of using artificial intelligence in the marketing and communications businesses.

We are a new type of agency that marries creativity with hyper-advanced artificial intelligence to discover, define and deploy the most engaging stories (and content) for any brand or issue. We have decades worth of experience in creating highly impactful content. Ai takes it to a whole new level with the power of computational linguistics and quantitative narrative analysis; the science of perfect marketing.

“This is a new weapon for marketers to deliver better results.”

Yoji Kawanabe
Mondelez Japan


“The work we have done with Ai Agency has been used in multiple markets around the world. By leveraging and interpreting AI based learnings we have gained really interesting insights into what makes our customers and partners tick. AI based insights allows me to better fulfil my global role by identifying both global and local opportunities whilst helping our international offices connect deeper with our key partners to drive better outcomes for Australian Wool.”

Damian Madden
Global Digital Engagement Manager
Woolmark Australia

Ai Agency

In a world where people are bombarded with more than 5000 paid messages per day and connected via mobile 24/7, it’s little wonder that brands struggle to engage, or worse, endure. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on marketing, much of which is wasted on tactical messages, one-off campaigns that come and go, leaving nothing but a space for others to fill.

Our science partner has developed a neural based AI platform that allows the machine to become a subject matter expert in a particular field taking in open information across the whole of the internet.
We apply the technology to determine the power of a narrative, content, media or influencer to drive engagement in a marketing context.


The Narrative.

Underlying all that we do is our unique data-led diagnostics platform for any brand, threat or opportunity. Our analysis provides actionable intelligence on the stories that will make a difference. We provide clear direction on high-value, low effort paths to your customers.

The Strategy.

Using the intelligence gathered through the platform gives clear strategic direction without the guess work. This is science. We can reduce or even cut waste by pin-point targeting with deeply engaging narratives.

The Content.

A narrative can take many forms. Short-form video, blogs, tweets, a picture, a game or even a new product. We use a network service model to provide best-in-class content when and if it's needed. We're happy to collaborate with existing partners or work directly with clients to design and execute the right narrative.